Tuesday, January 29, 2008

anger management!!!

Take a deep breath...inhale...exhale....inhale....exhale.....

No no I have not changed my profession to become a yoga teacher but I wish I could. change my profession and enter an industry that is free from inter personal clashes, ego wars and of course nasty politics. it would be a wonderful and idealistic situation if people started to get what they deserve but alas this is a rare occurrence indeed. like for example, salary hikes. do you think people really get what they deserve? nahhhhh....haven't you seen totally undeserving people get salaries which in no ways is justified by their contribution to the organization. N yet some people prefer to remain quiet and accept whatever comes their way. Well, I think it is all about portraying an image that 'boss, i am working a lot'.

The people who gain the most out of such situations are the ones who 'look busy do nothing'. then I wonder why am I finding it so difficult to just adapt to this scenario and go with the flow? I think perhaps I need to revamp my thoughts and my approach to work. whether i do a lot or not it should at least be 'projected' as a major contribution otherwise I shall fall far behind in the rat race.

but then again a question comes to my mind. even if i do manage to win the race i would still be a rat wouldnt I? Do i really want to exist that way? I don't think so. So what should people like me do? Protest whenever you can or just shut your trap and do nothing about it? I really don't know....but sure hope to find a way out and prove myself not to outsiders but to myself!

So with this positive frame of mind (forced),its goodbye for now:-)