Friday, July 16, 2010

Men just don't get it do they?

She: How do you like this one?

He: It's nice

She: Just 'nice'?

He: No actually it's really good

She: Then why did you say 'nice'?

He: I meant it as 'good'

She: So you don't mean what you say and don't say what you mean

He: I do. I just...this is really good

She: Do you love me?

He: What?

She: Do you love me?

He: Of course

She: How do I know you mean it?

He: Because I am saying it

She: But you said 'nice' when you meant 'good'

He: I was just confused. I am sorry. But I meant it was 'good'

She: Really? Do you think it suits me?

He: Yes. Take it.

She: But I want something in pink

He: This is pink

She: This is peach

He: Peach is not a fruit anymore?

She: (Rolling her eyes!) Do you like this or not?

He: Yes I do. Take it

She: You are just saying that coz you are tired

He: No I am not, this is really nice

She: Really? But the length's not right

He: Then don't take it

She: See I told you - you actually did not like it

He: But I did!

She: Even if it's not the right length? You don't care about how I look

He: Baby, you look good in everything.

She: You are just saying it because you don't want to help me choose

He: I mean it. Ok try something else

She: But this one's so pretty

He: Ok. Take it and adjust the length

She: Why should I buy something if I have to adjust it?

He: Then try something else in pink

She: Ok. How do you like this?

He: Bu..bu..but this is yellow!

She: I love yellow. I'll take this!