Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nightmares and dreams!

I have always heard that we dream in black & white and not colours. Then how do you explain the fact that I distinctly remember colours like red and blue from some of my vivid dream sequences? Also, will somebody tell me why so many books and theories are available on dream interpretation when I cannot make head or tail of my dreams or even nightmares? Whenever I have taken the liberty of describing my very serious account of a previous night's dreams, I have always managed to have the audience rolling on the floor with laughter. Not because my dreams or their interpretations are funny, but because of the sheer idiocy of manner in which my dream sequences play out in my sleep tainted mind. I also have varied responses besides the humour angle - people have also occasionally wanted to strangle me, when I gave a very interesting account of a dream, only to finish it off midway, coz that's exactly how my dream had ended. Like the power going off just when you are about to see the face of a killer in a suspense movie!!!

I also wonder if you have experienced any realistic nightmares which leave you shivering long after you have woken up from your disturbed sleep. I, for one, am the living expert on these. My nightmares have been so vivid that I have actually followed some advice given to me during these nightmares, coz I was too scared to ignore the supposed warnings. Recently I woke up from one such experience and remembered a phrase, a sort of warning, and till now I am trying to search for the meaning of it. the term I 'heard' distinctly in my nightmare was 'shani bandhak" and am still trying to figure out what it means. Guys, any help would be appreciated.

now, last but not the least, let me discuss the weird aspect of my very special 'continuation' dreams. It's almost like watching a serial, divided into episodes. Suppose, I am dreaming about something and I am rudely interrupted in the middle of a scene by my two labradors who decide to wake me up just then with an over friendly lick in the middle of the night - I can wake up, talk to them, go to the washroom , walk back to my bed and fall asleep again, only to start dreaming from point where I had left off. It's almost as if the characters in my dream were waiting for me to go back to sleep to resume whatever it is that they had been doing. Downright weird I tell you! You won't be able to understand the strange feeling of being suspended in reality that this kind of dream leaves you with. You are no longer sure, what is real and what have you dreamt up. sounds crazy huh? well, tell me about it (rolling my eyes)!

Ok now, I have told you some ramblings from my end and now as Sidney Sheldon would have said it...Tell Me Your Dreams!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Run for your lives
Don't stand and stare
There's death and destruction everywhere

He lost a daughter
She lost a son
All it took was a shot from a gun

Dying infants and wailing cries
The smell of death
Fills up the skies

Destruction of values
Elimination of races
While real people become nameless faces

People are dying
Do not question how
Don't you know its wartime now!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Office! Office!

Politics and backbiting is undoubtedly our national past time. Most of us who are working with any organization can surely relate to this statement. If you want to survive in the professional field AND make a success of your career, you must be well armed with the knack of playing dirty politics. Not that I consciously wanted to use the word 'dirty' with politics but somehow the words always seem to go together!

An office is a gathering of people with different values, cultures and beliefs. The challenge, undoubtedly, lies in the ability to bury your differences and form a professional relationship with your colleagues. But how many of us can say that we are working in such ideal environments? I am sure that if you mentally scan your work atmosphere you can definitely throw up a few names that survive solely on the strength of backbiting others and creating misunderstandings among the people. I have also noticed a common trait that such people have - shirking responsibility for their own job while gleefully interfering in the work of others! Creating unnecessary hassles in official work of the 'target' is another common practice.Spreading rumours, instigating colleagues against each other and into verbal fights is just few of the methods adopted by these office politicians. And just like the national scenario, office politics is simply going from bad to worse!

I, apparently havent mastered the art of dealing with such scenarios. believe me I am trying hard. Trying hard not to lash out at a colleague when i find him unnecessarily delaying my work, trying not to lash out when I see my colleague being harassed due to no fault of hers. Believe me i am trying!!! But till the time I manage to overcome my handicap and can turn a blind eye to these office games, I guess I will have to cool my heels by smoking away my anger.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Uncanny canines

As all dog lovers know, a dog is a man's best friend and even a woman's for that matter! Being a dog owner, I couldn't agree more. A dog will still be wagging it's tail at you even if you had left it alone all day. It will give you company on lonely evenings when all your loved ones are busy with their own life. And lick your face lovingly even if it has received a newspaper whack for some mischief! Rather than investing on security guards it would make sense if everyone invested a little love and care on a me the grateful mutt will guard you with his life against seen and unseen danger. Now, did I say unseen? Let me try to explain what I meant by this comment.

Animals and specially dogs are known for their sixth sense. Have you ever noticed a dog barking at a blank space? It can be really eerie I tell you. Imagine it's a dark and stormy night and you are alone at home. So far so good. All of a sudden your lazy assed dog, who never raises a paw unless absolutely necessary for it's survival, is all alert with cocked ears and it's heckles raised. You instinctively look around the room and strain your ears, only to see nothing and hear nothing! But your dog has definitely picked up a scent that it doesn't like and starts barking a blank wall. It tries to cordon off the area and stand guard in front of you, protecting you from something or someone ...unseen...

Next time you see a dog doing this just pause and ponder!

Friday, June 29, 2007


Just watched the flick 'Premonition' which had Sandra Bullock playing the character of a woman who finds herself stuck in a world that wavers between reality and the supposedly unreal existence. As the story unwinds the audience discover that Sandra Bullock has the gift or in this case the curse of premonition. for those of you who are completely cut off from the world of psychic powers, let me take it upon myself to explain the term to you!

Premonition is a person's ability to foresee future events. It is a small part of the tremendous psychic energy that exists in this world and the world beyond, maybe? Hey, before you start laughing at this notion, let me ask you a simple thing. Have you never felt a strong intuitive feeling regarding some matters and often discovered later that perhaps you should have listened to that little voice in your head rather than the so-called practical advice? That, my friend, is also a part of the psychic games that our mind plays with us.

And those of us who do believe in premonition, we have some elite company joining us folks! Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain amongst many others, had famous premonitions regarding the day of their death. So non-believers, maybe its time you widen your horizon a little? But anyways, what do I know, after all mine are just some ramblings of a disturbed mind!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Me, myself and Jini

Being a Gemini I have often been told by the other zodiacs that we are double-faced. I feel Gemini's are more of the split personality kinds! No two people can ever describe a Gemini in the same manner. For some I am an introvert while others will be happy to see me shut up for 5 minutes. I can be fiercely vocal one minute and go into my shell the next minute. I can be an emotional fool or the symbol of practicality depending on whom I am dealing with. I can be brave enough to deal with an intruder but am scared of the dark. And so it goes on and on...

But I wonder if its only me or are there others like me out there? Don't we all turn into a different person depending on the circumstances or the people we are mixing around with? I strongly believe that each of us have many different people living inside us and they emerge one at a time depending on the situation. Personality shades that grow strong and weak - depending on a whole lot of factors. Or else how can you explain a dacoit who turned into a saint overnight, a king who renounced his kingdom to become a monk, a jailbird who becomes an international performer and even transitions that take place closer to home. An irresponsible teenager suddenly grows up to take charge of a big company, a carefree girl becomes a strict mother and so on.

You may argue that society and circumstances bring about this change. But the point remains that one person can become another depending on the catalyst so maybe all of us are hiding other people inside, who knows? Time a for little soul searching maybe! Look within yourself and ask Hello, is there anybody in there???