Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The change is here...

Like I have always said - there is something special happening in my life during the months of November to February each year. It is always a mixed bag - lows merging with highs. No matter what the experiences are the learning graph keeps going up. The change (usually internal at times external) is usually always for the better. It is the phase to travel, bid farewell to some people who were part of my life and welcome new ones into my circle and strengthen existing bonds like never before.

I feel the change this year too. Something is happening. The loss has already made an appearance. Now I am waiting for the wheel to turn upwards. The winter months won't let me down. I just know it. And when the transition sets in I will be ready to head towards a new direction... yet again.

I am waiting at the threshold with open arms, ready to embrace whatever it is that life brings to me.