Saturday, May 24, 2008

When nothing seems right!

I am irritated and bordering on the verge of severe depression. Now you may ask,why. No issues, I would have told you anyways. Well, the problem lies in this year! Yes, the year 2008. I don't like it. In fact, I have not liked it since the very beginning of this year. Or no, maybe even earlier. Yes, I did not like this year from the ending of the previous year. There, that's better, now that I have accepted the truth. the truth is the fact that I already had a pre conceived notion about how the year would turn out to be and it seems as if the events taking place this year are only trying to re-affirm my faith that, this indeed is a bad year!

The worst of the lot till now has been the month of March and now May, or is it progressively getting worse? I dunno, am just too depressed to analyze it in a rational manner. I mean, everything that could possibly go wrong, is actually going wrong and more. And it is not just me who feels this way. Many people I know have also confirmed that nothing seems to be working out for them too. Office, family, love life, friendship, opportunities, blah blah blah, everything is one big mess! The situation is like an awful soup which your mother used to make when you were really ill and then you were forced to gulp it down. Yes, life is that awful right now.

Now, I have never been the most logical, rational, cool tempered person that you have met so far, oh no I do not fit the bill at all, but I have also never been this irritated, angry young woman as well. My mood swings are getting worse by the day. Rational thought has taken a complete backseat while irrational fears grip my heart. Each morning I wake up thinking, now what can possibly go wrong today? And that is not how I want to start each day.

So, I have given this situation of progressively deteriorating year some serious thought. Ok, so the year has not been too good so far, ahem, that was an understatement! Also, the astrological combinations in my chart are not at their most favorable positions. Besides, the planets have also decided to act loony and change their positions and turn all plans upside down! Everyone around me seems to be having fits, as they are either angry, sad, depressed or plain and simple crazy. But......but is the situation really so bad?

A sneaky suspicion creeps into my mind as I take a bird's eye view of the situation. Is it possible that nature is conspiring to give us exactly what we are anticipating? I mean, is it our negative thoughts and vibes that are affecting the environment around us and our life in general? Think carefully. Has it never happened to you that when you are desperately thinking of someone, that person calls? How do explain these incidents. Well, I have my own explanation. I think it might be our vibes and the power of thoughts that influence our life. If I think something bad will happen, it actually does. On the contrary, if I expect things to change for the better, who knows, it just might!

So, now that I think about it, I have indeed been very negative about this year right from the beginning and hence the year is treating me in this manner. Maybe, its just time to change my attitude towards life and give life a chance to change for the better? The wheel is turning. Is it now my turn to be on the top? Who knows, meanwhile let me just start thinking positively about the rest of the year and maybe then 2008 will return the favor!