Thursday, June 3, 2010

My kind of life

It's 3 am in the morn
Impatiently he blares the horn
We rush to the car, my friends and me
Off on an unplanned trip to Jaipur.....yippeee
All of us wearing worn out nightsuits
If you think we are crazy...we care two hoots!!!

She watches it crawl across the floor
Right in between the bed and the door
She racks her brain and an idea pops
When it comes to innovation, at nothing she stops
Creepy crawly lizards simply give her the chills
So, to tempt it into slumber, my aunt feeds it homoepathy pills!!!

It's 1 o'clock at night
We are at a petrol pump to fill petrol and grab a bite
My friend points at trucks travelling to some unknown destination
And for some weird reason the vehicles become object of fascination
We follow them for hours into the dead of the night
And soon enough Rishikesh is in sight!!!

We are headed to a friend's brother's wedding and we'll also visit the Taj
Resplendent in sarees and suits - ahead we charge
The traffic on the highway takes its toll
We are in a celebration mode and life is on a roll
The car's turned around and we head back to the city
End up in South Delhi, eating crabs - a pair of dressed up dudes and damsels pretty

Three of us in a balcony stand
The silent night with shiny stars looks grand
We contemplate on virtues of silence and attraction of sound
Suddenly with a crazy gleam in her eyes she turns around
We rush to implement an idea to merge silence with sound
Dropped from the 5th floor, the crashhhhh is exhilarating, as the crystal glass touches ground!!!

He practices his guitar on the terrace, all night long
She teaches salsa steps on the road as we sing along
In a traffic jam he gets off the car and dances on the road
She talks to Ghatotkach the mouse when she's simply bored
She's an expert at signature fraud
At her GM's insistence she copied his mother's too - dear god!!!

He's out of town, the car's parked at home
The night beckons us - come out and roam
A desperate ice cream urge takes over and we head off to India Gate
It's as good as driving a stolen car, it just feels great
We're back soon enough and promise not to utter a word
If he should ask we'll just pretend - what? took your car for a drive - that's absurd!!!

Do you know me a little better now that you see some glimpses unfurled
These incidents and these people make my world
All of them unique in their mad mad way
Oh Lord let them always be the same I pray
A bunch of like minded people, all family and friends
Life is one big adventure that never ends!!!