Monday, February 11, 2008


Love at first sight...being comfortable with a person even if you have met that person for the first time...finding a friend who completes your sentences...what do you call all these incidents?

All of us have come across someone or the other and often more than one person, whom we seem to have known forever. It usually happens between companions who have the perfect tuning. Or even people who have been friends for long. At times it may so happen that you did not actively keep in touch with a friend by making regular calls or meeting up as often as you would have liked. But suppose you talk to that friend after a long gap or better still, you happen to meet up, even after a gap of years, you can quite easily start from wherever you had left off. It makes you feel as if your souls had been connected all along, at a level much beyond the physical.

Often you may have noticed that certain people crop up in your life whenever a particular kind of incident happens. For instance, you may keep getting back in touch with a friend when you need someone to talk to during a difficult time in your life. That friend appears in your life (even if you have not been in touch for years) - the friend lends you a shoulder to cry on, gives helpful advice and once the situation has been resolved, you lose touch again, seemingly in a completely explainable manner...but is it? the surprising coincidence is when that friend makes a re-appearance again - once more, when you are having a bad time!!! It may also be possible that YOU are that friend in someone's life.

Some relationships happen only to teach you a valuable lesson and once that lesson is learned, the relationship ends. that explains why you get so affected by a person who fleetingly appears in your life only to disappear in a similar manner. But some connections are for a lifetime which are sustained in spite of the odds against it. People in such relationships are soulmates in the true sense.

Soulmates have always existed in our circle - in every birth that we have taken our soulmates have been with us in some form or the other. A mother could have been a child whereas a husband could have been a sibling. Take a look around and see the people who matter to you. I mean really SEE them. Analyze the relationship that you have with them. Are you playing the mother to a friend? Is your husband filling in the gap of a father? Once you have really seen your relationships closely you will recognize your soulmate/soulmates! it will not only help you know them better but perhaps also help you understand each and every person's action and reaction and importance in your life. So long, till then - happy searching!