Thursday, August 23, 2007


Run for your lives
Don't stand and stare
There's death and destruction everywhere

He lost a daughter
She lost a son
All it took was a shot from a gun

Dying infants and wailing cries
The smell of death
Fills up the skies

Destruction of values
Elimination of races
While real people become nameless faces

People are dying
Do not question how
Don't you know its wartime now!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Office! Office!

Politics and backbiting is undoubtedly our national past time. Most of us who are working with any organization can surely relate to this statement. If you want to survive in the professional field AND make a success of your career, you must be well armed with the knack of playing dirty politics. Not that I consciously wanted to use the word 'dirty' with politics but somehow the words always seem to go together!

An office is a gathering of people with different values, cultures and beliefs. The challenge, undoubtedly, lies in the ability to bury your differences and form a professional relationship with your colleagues. But how many of us can say that we are working in such ideal environments? I am sure that if you mentally scan your work atmosphere you can definitely throw up a few names that survive solely on the strength of backbiting others and creating misunderstandings among the people. I have also noticed a common trait that such people have - shirking responsibility for their own job while gleefully interfering in the work of others! Creating unnecessary hassles in official work of the 'target' is another common practice.Spreading rumours, instigating colleagues against each other and into verbal fights is just few of the methods adopted by these office politicians. And just like the national scenario, office politics is simply going from bad to worse!

I, apparently havent mastered the art of dealing with such scenarios. believe me I am trying hard. Trying hard not to lash out at a colleague when i find him unnecessarily delaying my work, trying not to lash out when I see my colleague being harassed due to no fault of hers. Believe me i am trying!!! But till the time I manage to overcome my handicap and can turn a blind eye to these office games, I guess I will have to cool my heels by smoking away my anger.