Friday, August 17, 2007

Office! Office!

Politics and backbiting is undoubtedly our national past time. Most of us who are working with any organization can surely relate to this statement. If you want to survive in the professional field AND make a success of your career, you must be well armed with the knack of playing dirty politics. Not that I consciously wanted to use the word 'dirty' with politics but somehow the words always seem to go together!

An office is a gathering of people with different values, cultures and beliefs. The challenge, undoubtedly, lies in the ability to bury your differences and form a professional relationship with your colleagues. But how many of us can say that we are working in such ideal environments? I am sure that if you mentally scan your work atmosphere you can definitely throw up a few names that survive solely on the strength of backbiting others and creating misunderstandings among the people. I have also noticed a common trait that such people have - shirking responsibility for their own job while gleefully interfering in the work of others! Creating unnecessary hassles in official work of the 'target' is another common practice.Spreading rumours, instigating colleagues against each other and into verbal fights is just few of the methods adopted by these office politicians. And just like the national scenario, office politics is simply going from bad to worse!

I, apparently havent mastered the art of dealing with such scenarios. believe me I am trying hard. Trying hard not to lash out at a colleague when i find him unnecessarily delaying my work, trying not to lash out when I see my colleague being harassed due to no fault of hers. Believe me i am trying!!! But till the time I manage to overcome my handicap and can turn a blind eye to these office games, I guess I will have to cool my heels by smoking away my anger.


ayesha said... politics, who has not heard of this or not been either a victim of this or part of this? The biggest irony is that the person who is at the center of all this always ends up having a gala time!!!

This is so unfair, trust me I have seen so much of office politics ( my total work exp is about 2 years!!)and yet everytime I come across something like that, it never fails to surprise me. In fact it shocks me to see how that person behaves normally as if everything is perfect in this world and you are also expected to do that.

And if you do not behave normally, you are the one who is accused of having problems and not gelling well with your office mates, its a real irony!!! Grin and bear till its at acceptable levels, but burst out for sure when things get too much and let the other person know what his limits are!!!

Nidhi said...
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Nidhi said...

An awesome depiction of a perfect corporate environment. i have only one thing to say
"Never fail to say "YES BOSS" despite the urge to shake your head the other way"
meaning to survive in this atrocious so called political environment, 'gadhe ko bhi baap banao'


arpita9 said...

now this is something that speaks out the truth...........though I am new to this corporate world.....but office politics is something that I have already experienced.......I am actually trying hard to digest this thing called office politics........

G Rajaraman said...

Wow! This reminds of the time when lack of work in an office in Hyderabad drove to play chess, scrabble, badmintpn and, eventually, politics.

After being in and out of jobs for 25 years, I realise that one cannot change the people around oneself and ends up changing oneself just that bit to be able to ignore the politics around. It's only when you react to the games being played around you that the others have succeeded. If you ignore such attempts and focus on your own work -- and deliver it well -- those playing games will give up seeking to hassle you.

It also reflects on the leadership we find in workplaces. Sometimes leaders watch the goings-on and do precious little. At other times, they are the root cause of some of the politics.

And while you deal with it in your own inimitable way -- there is no one formula, you see -- you must resist the temptation of smoking too much!

MAYURI said...

very well put! :-)

altho i hv 12 years of work experience but somehow i have been experiencing office politics only for the last 6 years. moreso from the last one year.

well, there are two ways of handling these kind of situations - one is to play along - as in when in rome do as the romans do and the other is to completely ignore it and carry on with your work.

well, for the first six years i completely ignored it as in i had absolutely no clue about the office politics as was really busy with my work and career.

in the next six years i came to know about it and have been a part and parcel of it.

well, in these six years (the latter part of workex) i have managed to stay out of it as far as possible and to a certain extent have succeeded. i do not interact with my office colleagues after or before office hours and any conversation that i have with them is purely official during office hours. during lunch time i would rather talk about life,movies,etc than about any other person.

so my advise to everybody out there is to simply ignore all this stuff and people who do all these things and concentrate on yourself, your work and your career and there's nothing in this world more important than all these things. :-)

aditi said...

Saw the advice. Good. Except it does not work. I was employed for 13 years, but office politics has forced me to retire. Prematurely. I have not only stopped working where I had my last assignment, I have decided not to work anymore. The aftertaste I carry is so bitter. Office Politics has left me traumatised. I have nightmares about my tormentors. They have scathed me for life. They have not been able to break me though, in spite of sincere attempts. At the office, no formula can save you if you are good at what you do, if you are presentable, if you like to wear nice clothes and above all, if your colleagues from the other departments like you. Then you are doomed. I am. I know. Have learned to live with that.

lakshmi said...

any individual who has been working for a fairly good amount of time in any field will identify with everything u a beginner i felt left out amidst all the office politics till i realised that unless u really know someone and take the first initiative to help your colleagues things will never get sorted out and will only worsen...having said i will also mention that many times my work never got completed when i asked for a favour but for some time now things have been smooth sailing....touchwood!!!