Thursday, August 23, 2007


Run for your lives
Don't stand and stare
There's death and destruction everywhere

He lost a daughter
She lost a son
All it took was a shot from a gun

Dying infants and wailing cries
The smell of death
Fills up the skies

Destruction of values
Elimination of races
While real people become nameless faces

People are dying
Do not question how
Don't you know its wartime now!


Rolling Thunder said...

Brilliant. In fact the metre is awesome. Its got a lyrical self to it. Make sure you BOR does something about it. Cheers!

ayesha said...

This destruction is just everywhere and you have put it across very aptly. I wish there was someplace where we could all juts go and hide form all this.....

Sharad Sharma said...

brilliantly written!