Friday, June 8, 2007

Me, myself and Jini

Being a Gemini I have often been told by the other zodiacs that we are double-faced. I feel Gemini's are more of the split personality kinds! No two people can ever describe a Gemini in the same manner. For some I am an introvert while others will be happy to see me shut up for 5 minutes. I can be fiercely vocal one minute and go into my shell the next minute. I can be an emotional fool or the symbol of practicality depending on whom I am dealing with. I can be brave enough to deal with an intruder but am scared of the dark. And so it goes on and on...

But I wonder if its only me or are there others like me out there? Don't we all turn into a different person depending on the circumstances or the people we are mixing around with? I strongly believe that each of us have many different people living inside us and they emerge one at a time depending on the situation. Personality shades that grow strong and weak - depending on a whole lot of factors. Or else how can you explain a dacoit who turned into a saint overnight, a king who renounced his kingdom to become a monk, a jailbird who becomes an international performer and even transitions that take place closer to home. An irresponsible teenager suddenly grows up to take charge of a big company, a carefree girl becomes a strict mother and so on.

You may argue that society and circumstances bring about this change. But the point remains that one person can become another depending on the catalyst so maybe all of us are hiding other people inside, who knows? Time a for little soul searching maybe! Look within yourself and ask Hello, is there anybody in there???

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ayesha said...

Ask anyone who knows me just by by name and face and the will swear that I am someone who intimidates them,does not talk much.... say this to any of my close pals, trust me, this is something they will never ever digest.

Situations and people compel us to act rational, strange, emotional, witty, funny and sometimes like a fool...... its all in the situation and trust me you can never predict how you will react to anything.