Friday, July 16, 2010

Men just don't get it do they?

She: How do you like this one?

He: It's nice

She: Just 'nice'?

He: No actually it's really good

She: Then why did you say 'nice'?

He: I meant it as 'good'

She: So you don't mean what you say and don't say what you mean

He: I do. I just...this is really good

She: Do you love me?

He: What?

She: Do you love me?

He: Of course

She: How do I know you mean it?

He: Because I am saying it

She: But you said 'nice' when you meant 'good'

He: I was just confused. I am sorry. But I meant it was 'good'

She: Really? Do you think it suits me?

He: Yes. Take it.

She: But I want something in pink

He: This is pink

She: This is peach

He: Peach is not a fruit anymore?

She: (Rolling her eyes!) Do you like this or not?

He: Yes I do. Take it

She: You are just saying that coz you are tired

He: No I am not, this is really nice

She: Really? But the length's not right

He: Then don't take it

She: See I told you - you actually did not like it

He: But I did!

She: Even if it's not the right length? You don't care about how I look

He: Baby, you look good in everything.

She: You are just saying it because you don't want to help me choose

He: I mean it. Ok try something else

She: But this one's so pretty

He: Ok. Take it and adjust the length

She: Why should I buy something if I have to adjust it?

He: Then try something else in pink

She: Ok. How do you like this?

He: Bu..bu..but this is yellow!

She: I love yellow. I'll take this!


Beauty and the BEast said...

This is super hillarious!! I am bookmarking it and making the men in my life read it!! And then I will coax them to take me shopping :P

Jini said...

All the best to the men in your life :-) as I know you will convince them to take you shopping in spite of reading this!!! For anyone doubting the power of persuasion of a woman ...I will guide them to your post 'pretty petty'...lolz!

rajrupa said...

Hey have you been secretly recording my conversation with sanju when we go for shopping? Hahahaha... the conversation is so exact!! Am loving it!!

Living On Video said...

It's not always the guy. Mostly, it's the girls.