Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The window

I looked up and saw the window. It was thrown open as usual. Curtains fluttering in the wind. Blue flickering lights dancing in the night. Maybe she's watching television...but..then why the silence? Every other house which has the television switched on, also throws out accompanying noises...blaring music, film dialogues, news, blah blah blah. From her window...I hear only a deafening silence which filters out into the night and envelops me in a painful embrace.

Mesmerized I stare at the window and watch the blue lights. I suspect she keeps the television on only to keep her company - a physical object filling a deep void. She does not need the sounds of the outside world as they would only cut into her solitude. Perhaps it is his voice that she yearns to hear.

He does his duty. Visits her every evening in his big, black car. Gives her a glimpse of a life she desires but can never have. He stays for a few hours each day except on weekends. Maybe the weekends are reserved for his 'family' - maybe a wife and a child or two? She does not have a right over the weekends just like she cannot have his heart - not even for a night. But then she has the television!

It is strange that I notice her open window only at night. Maybe its the curtains or maybe its the blue flickering light or maybe her world comes alive only in the darkness. But we connect each night, she and I. The window inviting me into her world and yet keeping me out.

I hope to see her someday, standing at her window, looking down at me from the shadows. But till then I will stand beneath her window each night, in the darkness and wait for permission to enter her world. Till then, the open window will suffice...


Abhijit Chanda said...

Love your stuff! The only critique would be to avoid cliches as much as possible.

On the whole though, this is a side of you I didn't know and I'm glad I've found it. :)Keep up the great writing!


Jini said...

Hey Jitu...you know how high I rate you as a writer, so any suggestion from you is invaluable!!! Thanks for reading and sharing your views :-)

Timorous Traveler! said...

interesting piece. unsaid facts and uncorroborated assumptions add to the drama. somewhat like japanese wife which i saw today. any sequel to this coming?