Thursday, March 31, 2011

Re-cycled lives?

I have loved you before
And love you now
I'll come back to love you again
A lifetime of sharing
A short separation
Then once more we'll dance in the rain

If you love me now
Have you loved me before
Let your heart answer your mind
Close your eyes
And now if you can see
You will find our souls entwined


anbhigya28 said...
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anbhigya28 said...

Thanx for praising the poem on my blog, wrote it when I was in first Year almost 4 years from today. you were a regular blogger in '10 but I see the frequency of ur posts has reduced this year... This is a gud poem... While reading it I felt lyk translating it but then being a lawyer i dnt want to indulge in copyright violations ;)
There has been quite a development on the story front earlier i had thought to churn it out into a long story but now am working to bring it out as a Novel... and I think the Charecter wud be introduced in chapter 2 and i would also go with most of the people whom I met told me that they prefer to refer to kolkata as calcutta rather than kolkata. The plot is student migration, life in Delhi and the dilemma of a girl who is asked to go for an arranged marriage after completing her education etc.... hope to complete it by next year... thanx for ur giving ur opinion on the calcuttan thing Nw I feel I was making the right Choice