Friday, June 29, 2012

Slow and Steady

Once upon a time, not so long ago, lived the soulmates, Slow and Steady. Now, being perfect homebodies, Slow and Steady never left their homes.

So, that rain drenched evening when I came across them, it is not surprising that they were still at home.

Social interaction is not really the highpoint in the life of a homebody. So they were understandably uncomfortable when I approached them for some friendly interaction. Soon enough, they realised my interest in them was absolutely harmless and they opened up. In fact so much so that they were happily posing for some clicks by the end of the evening.

The evening turned out to be quite an interesting one indeed. The soulmates willingly allowed me a peak into their world. The veil seemed to lift on a fascinating realm. Here is an excerpt from our conversation:

Note: Slow and Steady often converse as one entity, one often finishing the sentences of the other :-)(much like Thomson and Thompson of The Adventures of Tintin series)

Me: How do you feel about being Slow and Steady in this world, which seems to be moving so fast in all aspects of life?

Slow & Steady: Look around you and see the world. Not the 'world' as you perceive it, but the real world of which you are an inherent part. Do you see Mother Nature in a rush? Everything in nature still progresses at its own pace. It is you all who are not keeping pace with Gaia. Rushing through life. In pursuit of that elusive 'thing' that you define as 'happiness'. And in doing so, you go against the very nature of your existence. When Gaia gets dizzy with your unnatural pace, she revolts - through natural disasters. (The creation of the other disasters in your life, you manage very well on your own!) Slow and Steady embodies the very spirit of nature. It symbolises progress on the life path at a pace that is meant to be. Only when you journey through life at this natural pace do you know that 'happiness' is an experience. And you can experience it 'Now' in every moment of your life. Only if you pause long enough to realise it. At times the best thing to do is to do nothing and to enjoy doing it.

Me: How do you understand the world so well, given that you are always home, keeping your interaction with the outer world at a bare minimum? Btw, I really like your body art ... 'spirals' are they?

Slow & Steady: Thankyou and yes, they are spirals. Also, they are the answer to your question.

Me: They are? How?

Slow & Steady: Notice a spiral carefully. It is a curve in a space, which has a centre and runs around it in a special way. Our consciousness is very similar to the spiral. At the core lies the Divine Consciousness containing the understanding and experience of 'all that is'. To truly understand your world you have to go within, to the core of your spiral and get centered. The mistake most of you make is to search for answers in your external environment through situations and your experiences with 'other' people, who are equally confused. The curves of the spiral moving out from the centre are the path of the expanding consciousness. The internal and the external are intricately connected. In fact, the more you go within the more you realise that both are actually the same. We are living in a holographic universe. The world inside you is the world you perceive externally as a projection of your innermost thoughts and feelings. For e.g. if a core belief of yours is that the 'world is an unsafe place' - that is what will be projected in your external world and it will be 'experienced' as an 'unsafe' place. To really understand the 'world' all you have to do is be 'at home'. As you change 'within' your world will instantly reflect that and change. In this way, you are a creator of your life path - one moment at a time.

"If you see your path laid out in front of you - Step one, Step two, Step three - you only know one thing ... it is not your path. Your path is created in the moment of action. If you can see it laid out in front of you, you can be sure it is someone else's path. That is why you see it so clearly.” - Joseph Campbell

The reason why we quote Joseph is because you people have a 'herd mentality'. You like following groups. Safety in numbers, eh? When you are following a group, you dont have to take responsibility for your self and your choices and actions. Appealing to your herd mentality, we just thought of adding numbers to our group too. It will make it easier for you to relate to what we say, if you know there are more who think this way, right?

Me: Wow!

Slow & Steady: :-) We love it when someone responds that way! It implies that whether or not you agree with our view, you atleast paused in the moment to ponder over it. And whether or not you realise that, every time you pause to focus on something, feel something, allow yourself to experience something - you are triggering a change in your core, expanding your consciousness in that very moment. Remember to look out for more such 'wow' moments in life!

Me: :-) I will surely keep that in mind. Now, well, since you are so forthcoming in answering all that I come up with, may I ask you something very personal?

Slow & Steady: When you are a seeker, it is the 'seeking' that is more important than that which is being 'sought'. The question is more crucial than the answer, because the answer already exists. It is the question which needs to be created. When the right questions are asked, the right answers always flow. You are doing well. Ask.

Me: I have heard that you are hermaphrodites. So, do you feel 'incomplete' in some ways?

Slow & Steady: We are glad you brought this up.  It will help us better explain the 'soul essence' which we have been discussing so far, albeit in a round about manner. This is important, so our response might be a little more detailed. Stay with us on this.

So, your gender forms your very basic identity isnt it? Right from your birth, you are first and foremost either a 'girl' or a 'boy' for the world. Now, pause. And let us rewind a little bit. Let us go back further. To the time of your creation - to the moment of conception. If we were to ask you: Where did you come from?  You would answer: From our parents. Now, pause. 'Parents' consists of a pair of individuals: a father (male) and a mother (female). So, you are a part of both. You are created by the fusion of the male essence with the female essence. You have 'both' the male and the female, in you, right from the moment of your creation. The soul intelligence (through cellular intelligence) then makes a 'choice' of which essence gets to be more predominant, to make the game of role playing, as a man or a woman in your world, easier. However, choosing one cannot automatically erase the existence of the other. Both exist. Together. Inseparably. Within you. It is who you are.

At birth when the 'identity' is given to you, you adapt to that role. However, since the existence of the other 'half' of you is not acknowledged, your subconscious feels a sense of 'incompletion'. And you carry this sense with you at all times. It is this sense of 'incompletion' or the search for your 'other half' that will complete you, that results in the man - woman dymanics and attraction of the sexes. The 'incomplete' man keeps searching for and reaching out to the 'incomplete' woman. When a union happens, emotionally through a relationship and physically through the act of intercourse - it still 'feels' incomplete. The reason is simple. The 'completion' you seek to experience is within you (internal) and you try to find it with someone else (external). The union you form externally therefore does not give you the internal completion which is your actual desire.

Ideally, you need to feel complete BEFORE (and we cannot stress this enough) you seek union with another. Alternatively, you could, at times, find a partner who walks with you, both of you seeking the inner completion independently, while being on a similarly aligned path. And when each of you find your Self, you will find each other - truly, completely. Only the union between two 'complete' souls can allow you to experience the ultimate bliss of divine union.

In your world, you go about it all wrong. The Man feels pressurised to 'disown' his feminine half by behaving in certain expected ways. It is not alright for a man to cry, to express his softer emotions, to stay at home being the nurturer, to be vulnerable, etc. The Woman similarly carries the burden of being feminine and denying her masculine half at all costs. In relationships, they gladly hand over the 'burden' of becoming the other 'half' to their partner.

We are not saying even for a moment that a Man should not be a man or a Woman should not be a woman. It is infinitely preferable that they assume the roles crafted out for them as it helps to keep the 'balance' intact. However, what we are saying is that, they need to remember that it is a matter of 'choice'. It had always been a 'choice'.  You are not meant to deny your 'half' essence. Accept it, acknowledge it and express it - with unconditional love. In unconditional and loving acceptence of the Self lies your completion. Only then can you happily and consciously 'make the choice' of playing your assigned role of a Man or a Woman that will create balance and harmony in the world. Only a complete you can reach out for another with unconditional love, without the unnecessary and crippling burden of expectation of providing fulfillment. That my friend, is how you experience completion.

We are hermaphrodites. We have both the male and female in us. At our soul level, we chose not to choose one over the other. We are born complete. In your world, you place such an importance on the act of 'procreation' and think that is one of the crucial reasons for your union. Well, we are quite capable of even 'procreating' on our own, thankyou! And yet, we reach out to one another. And we reach out from a point of completion within ourselves and without any expectation from the other. Reaching out to another without expectation is unconditional love. And that is what all of us are here to learn about and experience.

So, what was your question, again? :-D

Me: Forget it! :-D

(It starts drizzling again)

Me: I love the rains! It is my favourite right after winters. I guess you love it too, I always seem to see you around during this time.

Slow & Steady: Oh yes, we love it. We like to emerge during the spring rains. It symbolises new beginnings!

Me: Well, this is a new beginning of our friendship too. Thank you so much for sharing all that you did. Ok if I click some snaps? I would love to write about our interaction. Kind of, reach out to others and share this, you know? And it would feel so incomplete if they dont get to see you.

Slow & Steady: Go ahead, lady. Shoot! And it was a complete pleasure interacting with you. Do come back to visit soon. Loads of love and light to you ... and to anybody else who connects to our soul essence through you. :-D

                                              And that is how the evening ended.

Here are some snaps of Slow and Steady that I clicked so that you get to know them a little better, just like I did. :-D  Stay happy and dont forget to reach out with unconditional love!

Slow & Steady

The Spiral of Consciousness:

Emergence: New Beginnings

Choosing gender roles in the 'moment': Reaching out from completion for completion


This post is a form of Meditative Writing (MW). In MW the views expressed are not of the writer (in this case: Me). The writer may or may not agree to the views. In fact, at times the thoughts/values/views expressed may be completely contradictory to those of the writer. The 'views' expressed are solely of the 'subject' being meditated upon and expressed as such. In case of this write up as well, the views are not mine. It came to me from the 'snails' as I spent some time observing them, clicking their pix, and then particularly as I meditated on those photos later on. All I did was to put them across in my style of writing. This is a crucial point of Meditative Writing. 


Recherche' said...

WOW Jini WOW I loved it :) The Me that Seeketh but the Me.... In realizing the ME I divinified MEself :) Thank U for sharing Love

Ayesha said...
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Ayesha said...

Just the slow and steady pause I needed right now from the chaos...puts many things into perspective. Glad that you wrote this piece and need I even say what a wonderful writer you are :P! Btw slow and steady make a damn good looking couple :-)

Lelouche Lamperouge said...

Kudos to your deep imagination and expressive writing, they're like a bout of fresh spring rain ;)

Jini said...

Thankyou so much for all your appreciation and feedback. Glad to know you resonate with the thoughts expressed in this post
:-D Recherche, Ayesha and Lelouche Lamperouge.

shivani vaswani said...

Thank you for sharing .., beautiful to be with slow n steady & you !