Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This doesnt make sense so dont read it

Decay had crept in

Unobserved, uninvited

And strengthened its hold

On two unsuspecting victims

Something once beautiful

Had turned ugly with age

Something once strong

Failed the test of time

Perhaps it was wrong to begin with

And so people had said

Just an escape route

From hell

Now it was too late

The choices had been made

And destiny had claimed her victims

Two souls entwined in karmic bonds

If only they could have seen

What lay ahead

When they began their journey

Would they have chosen differently

Or would they have still taken a chance

Treading more carefully perhaps

Participants in an unfair duel

With destiny as their nemesis

Each choice we make

Has a lesson in it

And often the hardest lessons

Are the ones we remember

Long after the class is over

Each lifetime is such a classroom

So learn your lessons well

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