Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soul recognition

Eyes met across the room and time came to a standstill. Everything else became a blur. The music, the people and even the ballroom faded into oblivion. In that moment, it was just him and her.

He cut through the crowd and moved towards her. He felt an urgency which he could not understand. It was a need to reach her before she got lost again.

She stood rooted to the spot watching him make his way towards her. She hardly heard her name being called. It was only when her husband lightly took her hand that the ballroom came back to life. She turned to greet the couple being introduced to her by her husband.

He saw her turn to smile at the man who now had his hand possessively placed around her waist. He abruptly turned around and walked back.

She scanned the room once again and caught a glimpse of him walking out of the door, a beautiful woman by his side.

Two strangers, a chance meeting and a moment frozen forever in time.


joyie said...

Loved this too!! Love your blog's new look too!

Jini said...

Thanks Joyie :-)